All about Tourist Visa for the USA from India

The USA is a perfect dream destination to dig into its year’s old museums, falls, beaches and landscape beauty. If you are planning to unearth the country for its divine food and much more, you can be really close to it. 

Plan for a holiday to the USA and bet it will be one of the best decisions of your life. However, before you do so- you will need a tourist visa to enter the USA.

The USA fascinates and proposes several reasons for travellers across the globe to visit the country. Indians at large travel to the U.S for holidays or to visit family and friends living there. Travelling to the USA for holiday is an idea which no other proposition could beat.

Do Indians need Tourist Visa for the USA?

No disparate from the rest of the world, yes Indians definitely need a tourist visa to enter and visit the USA. It is wise that before applying for the visa, one should be sure of the places to visit. No matter the purpose is just a holiday, there will always be rules to follow.

Is there a Visa on Arrival in the USA for Indian citizens?

No, the USA does not give tourist visas on arrival to Indian citizens. Only some parts of South America and North America of the continent allows for a visa on arrival.

Documents required for the USA Tourist Visa

Nobody likes paperwork but, sometimes there’s no escape! Even when the purpose of travel is a holiday and visit family or friends, you need a list of verified and mandatory documents that may include:

  1. Original Passport and it should have six months validity dates after arrival in the USA.
  2. All old passports.
  3. Digital and Hard Copy of the photograph as per the defined specifications.
  4. Interview Appointment letter.
  5. DS160 US Visa Application confirmation page stamped at the Visa Application Center.
  6. Payment receipt of the fee paid.

Other supporting documents could include:

  1. Your travel itinerary.
  2. Bank Statements and other proof of funds.
  3. TAX and PAN details along with the previous year’s tax documents.
  4. Business Card, if any.

But what is the purpose to ask for these documents?

The idea is to fulfil the expectations of both the tourist and the host. In other words, these documents are asked for the purpose to avert any kind of hassles. It will indicate the :

  1. Validity
  2. Legitimacy
  3. Financial Affordability
  4. Clear intent to return home country, India.
  5. Criminal History, if any.
  6. USA Tourist Visa Fee for Indian Citizens
  7. The fee is charged depending on the type of USA visa applied for. The USA tourist visa fee for Indian citizens is 11840 (varies as per the USD rates).